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Wix is ​​a cloud-based platform that offers the possibility to create a professional website without programming. Wix uses HTML5 technology, making your website fast, responsive and mobile-friendly. With the Wix app, you can arrange everything from your mobile, for example, live chat with website visitors.

Wix comes with a bunch of benefits. these are –

  • Excellent SEO – Wix websites are well found by search engines such as Google.The website must then comply with the Wix SEO plan.
  • Easy Management – Wix websites are very easy to manage yourself through the drag-and-drop principle. You do not need any coding knowledge for this.
  • Well Secured – Wix websites are protected against hackers and viruses, thanks to secure hosting via the Wix cloud technology.
  • Very Flexible – In some website makers, you can only move elements to a limited extent, but in Wix, you can determine everything to the pixel yourself.
  • Add Animations – Wix is ​​one of the few website makers that let you move text and other elements. But don’t overdo it!
  • App Market – You can add hundreds of third-party apps to your website. For example, there is a tool for newsletters, software for live chats and a widget for online bookings. These can all easily be integrated into your Wix website. Note: most apps are developed by companies other than Wix, so if they are not further developed, Wix cannot help you further.
  • Add Animations – Wix is ​​one of the few website makers that let you move text and other elements. But don’t overdo it!

Wix especially makes a good impression on us because of the modern designs and impressive animations. The App Market is a very handy tool that makes  .adding extra functions such as photo albums and sliders to your website as easy as installing an app on your smartphone.

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