Web Application Development

VitoSoft specializes in the development of web applications. A web application is a mobile website specially designed for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. To access the web application, the user does not have to download an application. An advantage of a web application is that a web app is very accessible. The web application is always available via the Internet browser and does not require approval from an app store. Web applications are therefore platform-independent and therefore have lower development costs.

Flexible Web Applications

Web applications are automatically updated. The user does not have to update the application from an AppStore. This means that a web application is very flexible. Adjustments can be implemented very quickly without having to approve these adjustments. VitoSoft can guide you through the creation of the content, functionalities and the concept of your web app. We can also advise you and which type of application is most suitable for your concept or organization

Convert to a Mobile Application

Do you want a mobile application that can be downloaded via an app store, but you want the flexibility of a web application? Then a hybrid app is an extremely suitable application for you. A hybrid app combines all the advantages of a web app with the best native application functions. Read more about our hybrid application options here.

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VitoSoft Technologies has many years of experience in developing web applications. We work for renowned organizations in various industries. Our professional web developers guarantee a beautiful and unique end result. Contact us now for a free quote.

We combine the power of agile development, design thinking, and lean start-up principles. We apply this to companies and organizations that want to make the transition to online. This way we realize successful software solutions in no time. Always top quality.

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VitoSoft team’s strength is to empathize with end-users requirements and customize the solution in a best-fit manner. Organization from the top believes in obtaining satisfaction through customer centricity and are almost accessible for real-time software solutions. Their expertise in the software development enriches the solution at par with latest technical possibilities.

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