Social Media Optimization

The SMO (Social Media Optimization) is all that optimization that is carried out on a web page and in all the contents that it has in order to be easily visible in social networks. It is something that is carried out to improve the presence in all those portals and social platforms and whose ultimate goal is to redirect significant traffic to the online portal in question.

It is something you can imagine as a solar system in which the sun is the web page and the profiles in networks are the planets. The web takes its contents to the networks with links so that, thus, the public that is accessed through them can be redirected to the website. However, in each of the social networks, specific content must also be prepared to improve visibility, attract followers and, therefore, have more options to generate leads.

The presence in social networks, however, does not have to be active. It is possible to carry out a passive strategy, in which only facilities are offered for users to share a website or its contents through their social network profiles, while the portal in question does not have a presence with its account.

Do as you do, with the SMO the presence is improved and traffic is redirected taking advantage of the potential of social networks.

To better understand the SMO concept, it is necessary to know the 5 rules of Social Media Optimization, which we can summarize in:

  1. Facilitate the user who can share the content in social networks, e-mail, blogs …
  2. Distribute the content on different social networks: Tweets on Twitter, social bookmarking, blogs, in forums …
  3. Reward those who help you spread the content.
  4. Adapt the content to other formats: SlideShare presentations, videos, infographics …
  5. Promote the mashup. It allows people to rework the content.

In contrast to SEO positioning, it offers certain advantages:

  • You can attract traffic to our website quickly. It is common to check the days after SMO actions how the number of visits has increased.
  • The more interesting the information, the easier its dissemination will be.
  • If you make the message viral, the results will improve exponentially.
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