Search Engine Marketing

As a website owner, you want to do as much as possible to get high in search engine results. The higher your website is in this ranking; the more visitors will also come to your website! Many visitors only look at the top four or five results in the search engine. One of the methodologies that you can use for this is SEM, which stands for Search Engine Marketing.

The purpose of SEM for websites

The main purpose of SEM for websites and web stores is to increase the number of visitors. In this way, it becomes possible to also increase the turnover of a web store or to increase the number of requests for quotes on a website. With SEM you look at the results in the short term as well as in the longer term.

What do you need to know?

Search engine marketing is an important part of internet marketing and covers the two pillars of Search Engine Advertisingand Search Engine Optimization. If done properly, Search Engine Marketing will take care of visitors who are looking for your service or product. We can take care of that.

SEM accounts for 80% of targeted website traffic for successful websites and webshops. More qualitative website traffic means more sales. You often achieve the most results by investing in search engine marketing.

Operation of SEO as part of SEM

As already described, SEO is one of the two components of SEM. Search Engine Optimization is focused on the long term and will yield little result in the short term. With SEO you try to get the website or web store higher in the search results, on the most important keywords. Part of SEO is, for example, writing high-quality texts that appeal to a reader and improve your position in the search results. Another important part of this is link building. Hereby you try to let other websites link to your website.

In addition to SEO, SEA is also important

The other part of SEM is SEA, which stands for Search Engine Advertising. This is mainly focused on the short term and can be quite expensive over the longer term. The purpose of the SEA is to attract new visitors and potential customers by advertising within a search engine. This way you don’t have to wait until your website is higher in the search results, but is directed at the top! The more popular a keyword is, the higher the costs for using SEA will be. Google works with an auction system.

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