Real Estate Software

With the Real Estate Suite you can collect, structure, analyze and disclose your real estate information. One complete software application, with which various components can be automated without any problems. You can use the VitoSoft’s RE Software in various ways: implemented on server and client hardware, hosted, in the cloud and as a SaaS solution. In addition, DEMO also uses the software for its own advice purposes.

Real Estate Software – Optimize financial performance

  • Real Estate Software offers a financial analytical tool for appraisal management, asset management, and real estate (re) development.
  • insight into the value, return and cash flows;
  • decision support, management, and control;
  • make informed choices for investments, renovation or sales;
  • know the financial future of your portfolio.
  • Grip on your real estate portfolio

The real estate software offers insight into the financial performance of your existing real estate portfolio and/or your (re) development portfolio. You analyze the possible differences, make detailed cash flow forecasts and calculate various scenarios. This is possible at the object, fund and portfolio level. In this way, you make the optimum trade-off between return and risk. Our software is used by housing associations, real estate developers, appraisers, and real estate investors.

Benefits of Real Estate Software-

  • More insight – substantiate your decisions
  • ‘In Control’ about your real estate – reliable forecasting and analysis tools
  • Analyze and report better, – more efficient and guaranteed process
  • More transparency – meet your accountability requirements
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