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2019-09-18 (1)

No doubt, the task of building interactive and immersive web application user-interfaces using JavaScript is tedious like always. To develop interactive UI, the developers need quite a few aspects to hold tight in their head. However, React.js comes as a unique and user-centric JavaScript that is used for creating UIs that ensure optimum functionality of the web applications. In other words, it comes as one of the most robust JavaScript libraries that help developers to create and scale-up web applications any time effortlessly. Without further ado, here has a brief look about at the most promising benefits of React.js that make it a front-running JS library to the developers.

What makes React JS so good?

React JS is limited to interaction and user interface. This is immediately a difference with other frameworks such as Ember and Angular. With React only, you do not build a complete web application. React does what it does best. This specific focus on interaction and user interface makes React so good.

Components – JavaScript LEGO bricks

What also makes React JS particularly powerful is that User Interface elements can be built into JavaScript components. You can see these components as reusable LEGO bricks. In addition to providing structure, it also provides for the possibility of reuse. For example, components can be used in other parts of an application (or in other applications). There are many components and toolkits available that have already been developed by other developers. These can be used for free – so developers don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Examples of these types of components are spinners and forms.

Also on the server

With React it is possible to execute JavaScript both on a client (browser or app) and on a server. Because JavaScript is originally a language for web browsers, this is quite special. Components used on pages can thus be built on the server before it is shown to the user. This provides an improved user experience (faster loading time).

Benefits of React JS

  1. Can build reusable contents
  2. Writing JavaScript gets much easier with React.js
  3. js is self-declarative
  4. Exclusively tailored for SEO
  5. js is deliberately distinct
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