IoT (Internet of Things)

The promise of the internet of things. The internet of things or the internet of everything as popularly called generally refers to multiple networks of devices which work interacting with each other without human interference and using wireless protocols. IOT enable devices to transfer data at a very fast rate. Today IoT is bringing advance technological changes in human life. We all are getting used to IOT into one or a different form.

IOT applications have taken over consumers in by smartphones, smart thermostats via smartwatches, home security systems consumer gets integrated home security systems that not only connect doors and locks and cameras but also provide access via the Internet or Mobile device.

A growing perception among consumers is that all connected devices like thermostats, LED lighting and smart meters coupled with services can help them more with the management of resources. Healthcare is also getting up by IoT. The personal health and fitness devices that monitor physical activity such as wrist bands and other wearable devices are creating a wave of excitement in consumers. The inclusion of M – health technology that can monitor a patient’s health data from anywhere and everywhere is a new silver spoon for Medicare.

The Urban population is adhering to the new technology at a fast pace. Cities and towns are quickly adopting IoT technologies. IOT can be used to monitor the environment. It’s being used to monitor the environmental conditions that can affect humans, animals, and plant life. The sensors are being used to detect the rising levels of water in rivers, oceans, or streams that can lead to flooding. These sensors can also be used to monitor the seismic activities or potential risk of an earthquake or increased air pollution.

Not only this our day to day life is being changed by IoT. The energy production and distribution is one which is going through a drastic change with the introduction of SMART GRID technology. Energy is produced and distributed, enabling operators to more accurately monitor the energy usage per demographic area, in turn leading to sourcing energy most effectively. It can also enable users to properly monitor consumption leveraging consumer with less cost.

IOT is the next epidemic in technology.

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