Inventory Management Software

The timely and accurate stocking of logistics is an important function of inventory management. The technology progression has contributed tremendously to redefine and streamline the supply chain functions such as inventory, order, warehouse, logistics management.

VitoSoft Inventory Management Software is the most advanced and best inventory management solution tool. It is the best for a variety of business-critical reasons-

  • Centralized inventory management for several​ marketplaces and carts
  • Module for Vendor management
  • Centralized log-in management to handle marketplaces from a single panel
  • Real-time assessment &update on virtual and actual stock across all the channels and warehouse/ store locations.
  • Quick integration of offline and online inventory
  • Inventory Management Softwareimbibes practices followed in the industry
  • Assures maintenance of right inventory volume
  • Regular Inventory updates

Why automate inventory management function?

An inventory management software automates the inventory update, sale orders, deliveries, replenishment, and returns to present an exact stock position.

Maintaining a refined balance of stock as well as stock reordering is an art and remarkably business-critical. Extra stock in the repository than required, increases your storage costs, carrying costs as well as run the risk of holding old stocks. On the other hand, if you’ve less stock in the warehouse than required, you’ll lose orders, credibility, and revenue.

You should know when to refresh the stock so that the utilization of warehouse space, meeting market demand, and spending on operations are all synchronized on an optimal level.

Constant stock movements &analysing the data monitoring helps to build a disbursement and steady stock pipeline across all the sales platforms. The authenticity of data for such decision making is huge and needs specific reports. Human error in inventory update or analysis might affect the business growth and sales revenues negatively.

How does it work?

VitoSoft Inventory Management Softwareis specially built for a retail business with multi-channels where you can manage purchases and orders in bulk over multiple channels; online marketplaces, offline stores, and carts.

We have comprehensive expertise in managing retail operations. Our e-commerce solutions help the companies to sell their goods surpassing geographical constraints & reap benefits of touching new markets.

The benefits of VitoSoft Inventory Management Softwareare – 

  • Centralized Inventory
  • Easy stock rotation
  • Vendor management
  • Barcoding-integrated stock software
  • Warehouse inventory management
  • ERP integrations
How can we help you?

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