Hospital Management Software

VitoSoft hospital management and information system – Affordable, Strong and customized ERP solution for your hospital/clinic

It is a complete web-based ERP software solution for hospitals associated with various collection centres.

In the time of supporting paperless info management system, is known to be a major software for hospital management which is trusted by several hundreds of our clients. It is recognized from the customers that the Patient care, Information, Productivity, and Profitability have been enhanced after use.

Our customer engagement models & robustness in the management services after the implementation keep the clients to go on a word of reference and citation for our new clients.

Knowledge transfer is also a set of focus. We are involved in mutual engagement towards the prosperous performance of the quality management and the tool of the entity.

Have VitoSoft hospital management! Experience the healing touch!

  • Hospital Information System
  • Benefits
  • 40 modules for the services offered in the hospital
  • 10 Value-added modules
  • Web-Based Hospital Information Management System
  • Client-Server Database Architecture
  • Portable Across Various Platforms
  • User-friendly System Administration
  • Supports HL7, HIPAA & Di-com Standards
  • Compatible with Mobile Devices
  • Interfacing with Barcode, Lab Equipment
  • Auto-Generated SMS
  • Online MIS Dashboard
  • Multi-User and Multi-Site Compatibility
  • Complete User Security
  • Rapid deployment and quick ROI
  • Streamlined operations, enhanced administration, and control
  • Maximize resource utilization
  • Seamless workflow management
  • Affordable and suitable for small, medium & big practices.
  • Cloud computing alternatives available
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VitoSoft team’s strength is to empathize with end-users requirements and customize the solution in a best-fit manner. Organization from the top believes in obtaining satisfaction through customer centricity and are almost accessible for real-time software solutions. Their expertise in the software development enriches the solution at par with latest technical possibilities.

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