CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is basically a means to manage all relationships and contacts of your organization. By using the right CRM software, you are able to optimally serve your relationships. Whether these are customers, colleagues or suppliers.

In VitoSoft’s CRM software you can record many more things besides all relationships. In fact, it is the basis of the software. From file to customer status, from communication matrix to relationships, everything is recorded centrally. And thanks to the link with you can easily keep your customer and address details up-to-date.

The possibilities are endless with proven CRM software. CRM Software is the ultimate toolset with which you can build lasting relationships and achieve optimum engagement and more growth. Start the new CRM today! Growth Suite, an all-in-one platform for sales and marketing that has been specially developed to help you and your team run and grow your business successfully.

The functions of CRM Software –

  1. Detailed customer management
  2. Powerful Marketing Automation
  3. Dynamic sales pipeline management
  4. Useful business insights

What CRM Software has to offer you?

  • Powerful sales and marketing functions that help your company grow.
  • The ability ofCRM Software is to adapt to your specific needs.
  • Flexible implementation in the Cloud or in the office, plus hybrid options.
  • Exclusive software benefits: always current, always support and always online.
  • No worries, because CRM Software is the proven, trusted choice of many companies.
  • Extensive online training! learn to use optimally.

The powerful software allows you to easily optimize all the ways in which you communicate with prospects and customers for maximum engagement and more growth.

Extensive marketing campaign management

Optimize your customer life cycle from the first contact to retention and loyalty with automated outreach in every phase. Let CRM Software do the work for you through response-driven nurture marketing campaigns, all automatically within this software sent to targeted lists. Campaigns are triggered based on the criteria that you define, leading the recipient through a highly personalized path.

Create simple specific e-mail campaigns or drip marketing campaigns for one-time communication or campaigns with one path, depending on your needs. Share campaigns on social media to reach a wider audience or include links to social media in your campaigns to lead visitors to your social networks.

How can we help you?

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