2019-09-18 (12)

What is CodeIgniter?                                               

CodeIgniter is a PHP framework for developing Web Applications quickly and more professionally. It is used by millions of developers across the globe.

Why CodeIgniter?

  • CodeIgniter is Open Source.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It used very Fewer resources on the server.
  • Documentation of CodeIgniter on its official website is easy to understand and very strong.
  • CodeIgniter is backed by a large community of Users. Help topics, tutorials, and good trainers are easily available.
  • Many organizations are using CodeIgniter and looking for professionals with sound knowledge of this framework.

CodeIgniter allows streamlining the code underlying your web pages and figure out how things are done in PHP. Moreover, it comes with simplified documentation and it doesn’t have a large number of monolithic libraries. Also, its coding rules are not restrictive making it an easy, simple and quick to learn PHP framework. As it provides extensive compatibility with standard hosting accounts, you won’t need to do typical coding and configuration. Furthermore, you can use this framework to build both front-end and rear end of a web application in an easy, effective and secure manner.

With this framework you can build highly functional and better-performing web apps and getting it developed from any Outsourcing CodeIgniter Development Agency would ensure you receive a cost-effective solution.

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