Business Analysis

Any product to be build needs a careful evaluation of the requirements. For instance, if you had a piece of land and want to build a house, we suppose that you would first engage the services of an architect. The architect would ask you questions – what is your budget, what style of the house, how many bedrooms, etc.

Likewise, a Business Analyst plays the role of an architect. The difference is, an Architect design the house as per the requirement whilst a BA gathers the requirement for building up of software.

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Business Analyst work is to bridge the gap between business and technology. A business user who is not well versed with the Technical aspect of the software he wants, explains his/her requirements to a BA who transforms those requirements into technical aspect to be further described to the technical team.

What it takes to be a successful Business Analyst??

A Business Analyst must be a great verbal and written communicator, analytical thinker, problem solver with the ability to engage with stakeholders and be able to respond to their queries. This Often involves high management business users who may come up with different situations and questions about them. A good Business Analyst should be able to handle those questions. There can be a time where a BA does not have the answer to a question but should be able to find the answer for that.

With most of the companies following up Agile framework, a Business Analyst job is gaining more of importance as the requirements are mostly prone to changes, which becomes tough to handle. For this, a BA plays a key role in managing those changes.

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