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Bootstrap is a framework for HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The framework has a number of useful functions and additional options, including the ability to create a responsive website or web store faster and easier. By using the Bootstrap framework, it is easier to set up a responsive website or web store and it is also easier to change this site or shop.

Advantages and characteristics of the Bootstrap framework

Responsive Grid System

A website must be able to adjust automatically for the different screen sizes. The “Grid” provides the different views. Of course, Bootstrap also has a kind of grid that supports the following 4 dimensions: very small screens (smartphones), small screens (tablets), medium screens (for example laptops) and large screens (desktop PCs)

Standard Functions

Use Bootstrap for formatting simple HTML elements, but also for tables, forms, buttons, images and much more. All HTML elements are given a professional look by Bootstrap.

Advanced Functions

Creating complex forms or navigation structures becomes extra easy with Bootstrap. Other components such as breadcrumbs, pagination links, labels, badges, list groups and panels also look great. If you enable the Bootstrap JavaScript functions, a number of complex components and functions are possible: dialog boxes, boxes with tabs, tool tips, sliders and more.

Easy and Flexible to Use

Bootstrap gives the HTML elements a certain style. If you choose the relevant CSS style class, the HTML element will be changed as determined by Bootstrap. If you want the style to be slightly different, you only have to change the deviating CSS style property.

Extensive Manual with Examples

A big advantage is the Bootstrap manual. All components and options have a clear explanation and have an example. Because Bootstrap is so popular, you will of course also find many examples and information via Google.

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