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Automating Tests on the Cloud

Cloud-based platforms like SauceLabs or Xamarin are one step closer towards a more streamlined test automation experience. The great thing about tools of this sort is that they provide a ready-made, scalable infrastructure. If you haven’t used a cloud testing platform before, here are the three major options:

SauceLabs. One of the pioneering companies that enabled tech teams to run Selenium tests on the cloud. The company provides some added value in the form of UI screenshots and videos of user actions. What’s more, the platform offers infrastructure for parallel test execution.

Browserstack provides its users with remote virtual machines for testing in every major browser-OS combo, on desktop and mobile. The company also supports Selenium, which is always nice.

Xamarin Test Cloud is more of a walled garden with its proprietary scripting language Calabash, but it offers a great solution for mobile testing. It supports 2,000 devices, including smartphones and tablets.

By taking care of the infrastructure-related matters, cloud platforms save you time. You still have to deal with code, though, which means your productivity depends on your QAs’ programming skills. True, Xamarin Test Cloud has a test recorder, but it spews out auto-generated code which isn’t that easy

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